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I was born in Welland, Ontario on October 10th 1950. Living on the family tobacco farm near Otterville, Ontario was my life. My goal was to get off the farm. Mom was a grade-school teacher and teaching interested me.
Graduating from grade 13 in 1969 at Norwich District High School (NDHS) (my listing) prepared me for university.
In 1977, I obtained my MD from The University of Alberta in Edmonton. Our Med Class of 1977  recognized 40years September 2017.

After completing Family Medicine Residency II (1979) at Dalhousie, my goal was to be helpful to patients and to teach.

Judy and I were married in 1983. James was born in 1985. In 1987 we were blessed with a daughter, Jenna.

An opportunity to spend a year in Halifax became available June 1989. I welcomed the change after a decade of private practice in Edmonton. Our family agreed and I assumed the teaching and practice responsibilities of Dr. D. C. Brown (my teacher 10 years previously) at Dalhousie during his sabbatical year. I learned how to teach, to cook lobster, and to sail that year. We returned to Edmonton, I joined the Department of Family Medicine at The University of Alberta , advanced to the level of associate professor, enjoyed patient contact, teaching medical learners, and editing the Department of Family Medicine Newsletter. I was a participant in the renovations at the Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre in 2000 that included ideas from Dr. Janice O'Hara in the area of HOPE. My interests in innovation and interpersonal communication led to involvement in the launching of Alberta Collaborative Health Interdisciplinary initiative, currently named Health Sciences Students' Association

My initial approach to midlife adjustment included connecting with my Lithuanian roots. I became very active as president of the Lithuanian Society of Edmonton and involved as Lithuania, the homeland of my Dad, redeclared independence 11 March 1990.

From 1995 to 1997 I studied with my friend Algimantas to improve my Lithuanian grammar/vocabulary, visited my ten paternal cousins in Lithuania, and put together a family tree. Opportunities to post to an online Lithuanian discussion group, review No Salutes for Your Surrender, a novel about Lithuania written by Antanas of Edmonton kept me busy. I still connect to our Lithuanian Society of Edmonton and listen to Lithuanian radio.

I started the practice of Qigong in 1996 and continue to appreciate the benefits of meditation. I revisit the 15 Companion Films to 8th Habit by Stephen Covey to maintain the benefits. Contact with Friends of Bill and Fellowship or just listening to Bob Dylan or playing online chess also gives me serenity.

January 2002 marked the awakening of my passion for stage acting. What a joy it was for me to be amongst non-judgemental, supportive individuals in a criticism-free environment! Read all about my ongoing adventure at my Acting Biography.

February 2004 marked my departure from family medicine and teaching so that I could focus on my interest in psychotherapy. I currently provide services at Suite 302, 575 - 100 Street SW, Edmonton by appointment (please telephone 780-430-8784). Time with family, fellowship, traveling, and acting continues to enrich my life.

Acquiring new skills and improving old skills continues to be a priority for me as I aim for optimal patient outcomes. Learning at workshops of  The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis since joining in 1980 has allowed me to incorporate clinical hypnosis into patient-centered care. Since 1979, I have maintained my connection with the Canadian Federation of Clinical Hypnosis-Alberta Society including annual participation in the May Workshops in Banff.

2009 provided amazing opportunities to learn new skills at The International Society of Hypnosis World Congress, September 2009 and the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference, December 2009. I attended The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference December 13-17, 2017 and am registered for The Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference December 9-13, 2020.

In May 2010, I fractured my left radius (bicycle mishap) and performed Master of Ceremonies duties at the Wedding of James and Julie.

My journey through 2011 and 2012 continued my "participation" lifestyle including yoga, more golf, more chess, more travel, and more renovations.

January 2013 rocketed me into the transformative learning of Landmark Worldwide. Granddaughter Emma Rose was born October 31, 2013 giving me to upoad photos to the link to Emma Rose.

In June 2014, Judy and I witnessed Jenna and David's Wedding. Nine wedding photos are viewable at Jenna and David's Wedding.

Becoming a "senior" brought with it a degenerating left hip, and also a Grandson. The hip initially required a platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection until my right total hip replacement December 2018.
Our Grandson Bruce Bernard born May 03, 2016 required building of a new web page for photos linked at Bruce Bernard.

2017 commenced with me scurrying to move my web pages to 1 & 1 using domain A lot of work, alas, opportunity to revise/update pages.

Here I am at January 2020 busy with office practice 3 days/week, Grandpa day almost every week, MCC examiner activities, hip excercises, bicycle indoors and soon outdoors, and acting classes which will wind up with our March 11th, 2020 performance of "Move Over, Mrs. Markham" with details on my updated acting page.

 - - - - - „iki pasimatymo“, Lithuanian greeting for "until we meet".

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Updated February 01, 2020.